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Kelly Kaur’s Creative Writing Publications and Presentations Publications




Letters to Singapore, Stonehouse Publishing, May 2022. Launched in Calgary, Vancouver, Regina, and Edmonton. Also launched at the UBUD Writers and Readers Festival in Bali, Indonesia (October 2022). Letters to Singapore is on the Lunar Codex Project and will be going to the moon on the 2024 NASA Griffin mission, Polaris time capsule.

Howdy, I’m Harnam Singh Hari. Children’s Book. Red Barn Publishing May 2024


  1. 2 Poems in Mosaique Press anthology. Translated into Italian, Salerno University and distributed in Europe. May 2023

  2. “The Snowman” selected for The Edge of Winter Mini Gallery Exhibition at the Rotary Park. March and April 2023

  3. 2 Poems selected for Voices/Poetry in Motion, Ottawa, October 2023. Poem to be choreographed, set to music, and performed on stage.

  4. Poem “Hungry Ghosts Festival” Life After Death anthology. Tolsun Books. Arizona, U.S. August 2023

  5. “Women Rising Up” selected to be included into the FOLD (Festival of Literary Diversity) 2023 Festival Program, Toronto, April 2023

  6. “Put Down Your Gun” and “The Hymen Test” selected for the International Human Rights Arts Festival, North Dakota. Travelling exhibition to galleries and museums in 6 cities in North Dakota from Jan to Dec. 2023.


  8. “A Singaporean’s Love Affair,” is going to the MOON on time capsules on the Nova         Collection of the Lunar Codex - Nova-C mission (June 2022) and the Polaris Collection and Griffin mission (Fall 2023) 

  9. “Birthright” (M)othering. An Anthology June 2022

  10. “My Own Skin,” International Human Rights Arts Festival, New York; IHRAF Publishes, January 2022

  11. “Women Rising Up,” selected by a jury for a travelling exhibition for the North Dakota Human Rights Arts Festival to 6 museums in North Dakota: Fargo, Bismarck, Fargo, Grand Forks, Jamestown, Minot, and Williston. January 2022 to November 2022

  12. “My Love is a Durian” and “Unheard Stories” selected for The Best Asian Poetry 2021, Singapore, and Asia Pacific. December 2021

  13. “Cameron Highlands” Oggi Rucksack a Global Poetry, Italy. December 2021

  14. “The Justice of Death” awarded Honorable Mention in the Creators of Justice Literary Awards, International Human Rights Art Festival, New York. November 2021

  15. “Hungry Ghosts” The Wild Word, Berlin. October 2021

  16. “Love Struck” Pure Slush Anthology (Australia) October 2021

  17. “Arranged Marriage” “Rebellion” “A Degree” Paddler Press Vol. 2 Canada Roots and Wings October 2021

  18. “The Canadian Landscape” Around the World” Landscapes & Cityscapes. Sweetycat Press. October 2021

  19. “Quarantine Walks” and “The Art of Covid Conversation” Bishop University’s and WHWN’s book project on the themes of hope and resilience under Covid-19 Ontario September 2021

  20. “Dedication to Dante” Women's Voices at the Little Museum of Poetry, il Piccolo Museum Della Poesia, Chiesa di S. Cristoforo, in Piacenza, Italy. Permanent display. September 2021

  21. "The Precipice of the Periphery" International Human Rights Arts Festival, New York; IHRAF Publishes September 2021

  22. Reprint of “Pandemic Nest” Intanga Hubntanga in partnership with NewsDay Zimbabwe August 2021

  23. “Muse of the West” Online POP People of Calgary April 2020

  24. “When Death Calls” Anthology on Death and Dying, Singapore and Asia Pacific to Let the Light In. July 2021

  25.  “A Walk on Bow River.” The Writer’s Club July 2021

  26.  “Arranged Marriage” “Sermon” and “The Hyphen” Belliveau Beliveau Review Issue 8, July 2021

  27. “Color No Assumptions” and “Seclusion” The NewsHawks Zimbabwe June 2021

  28. “Pandemic Nest” Mothering Anthology (Pandemic) June 2021

  29. Reprint of “Lotus Flower” The Social Distancing Festival, world artists around the world. May 2021

  30. “They are Listening” This Might Help, Audio Project: A Collection of Short Click and Listen Audio Poems by Calgary’s 5th Poet Laureate Natalie Meisner. April 2021

  31.  “Exist” “A Singaporean’s Love Affair” The BeZine April 2021

  32. “Unheard Stories” and “Other Other” and “The Hyphen,” translated into Farsi by Mansour Noorbaksh on as part of his project, The Contemporary Canadian Poets on Namaashoum January 2021

  33. “Cameron Highlands” “Robertson Rose Garden” Anak Sastra Issue 41 December 2020

  34. “Color No Assumptions” Word City Monthly August 2020

  35. “Mother” Miss You Mondays Loft 112 August 2020

  36. "Cameron Highlands," in Rucksack, A Global Poetry Patchwork    

              Project 2020, Antje Stehn July 2020

  1. Hybrid Poem and Interview Poet of the Republic Canada July 2020

  2. “Color Me Mine” Decolonizing Alphabet Tatamagouche Centre, Nova Scotia May 2022


  1. “The Tree Whisperer” in Laberinto Press’s Beyond the Park anthology Nov. 2023

  2. “Immigrant Interruptions” in Please Don’t Interrupt anthology Dec. 2023

  3. “The Poetry of the Life on an Immigrant Woman.” Landed: Transformative Stories of Canadian Immigrant Women anthology, Campfire Kinship, Calgary. September 2022.

  4. “The Music of Laughter” What We Inherit: Growing Up Indian anthology, Singapore, July 2022.

  5. The Only Question Project between Mannheim (Claudia Schmid) and Calgary (Kelly Kaur). Ulyanovsk UNESCO City of Literature. International Project with 40 international writers of Authors in Conversation. December 2021 – May 2022. My essay on Canadian writing is published on UNESCO websites and in an upcoming June 2022 Anthology

  6. “The Music of Laughter.” Issue 20 Understorey Magazine June 2021

  7. “17 Avenue” Calgary Public Library Pandemic Pieces Website October 2020


  1. “The Kitchen is Her Home, nominated for the Pushcart Prize XLVII. December 2021

  2. “The Kitchen is Her Home” Fragmented Voice, Heart/h, Home Anthology. Fragmented Voice Press, United Kingdom October 2021

  3. “Asha Meets Asha” published on beer cans - Blindman Session Beer Cans July 2021

  4. “Mother” WordCity Monthly. May 2021

  5. “The Bell” Anak Sastra Issue 43. May 2021

  6. “A Feast to Die For” Understorey Magazine Issue December 2020

  7. “First Snowfall” and “Prontha” published on beer cans Blindman Session Dec. 2020

  8. “The Singapore Dream” Best Asian Short Stories 2020, August 2020

  9. “Lotus” Short Story Dispenser, Calgary Public Library February 2020

  10.  “Lotus Flower” Word City Monthly January 2020

  11. “Wife” Twenty-Two New Asian Short Stories December 2015


  1. GetLit. Presenter. Alexandra Writers Centre. January 28, 2023

  2. First Place, Tabletopics Contest for Toastmasters District 42, Alberta and Saskatchewan 4-time winner. 2011, 2013, 2014 and December 2021

  3. Presenter, People’s Poetry Festival.  Loft 112. October 2, 2021

  4. Presenter, United Kingdom, Choose to Challenge 11 March 2021 In celebration of International Women’s Day 2021. An online event by diverse speakers from around the globe. Speakers will share true stories of how they created change from challenge in their lives.

  5. Short Stories. Presented on CKUA Radio Dec. 6 “First Snowfall”; December 13 “Prontha” December 2020

  6. Calgary Arts Foundation – Assessor for Arts’ Grants August 2020

  7. Editorial Team.New Forum's Editorial Collective October 2019 and January 2020

  8. 2019 Borderlines Writers’ Circle Participant March to June 2019 Alexandra Writers' Centre Society and the Writers' Guild of Alberta, 2019 Borderlines Writers Circle Calgary.  Mentor: Aritha Van Herk. Novel manuscript completed under this project and submitted to publishers: Letters to Singapore

  9. Presenter. Final readings by Borderlines’ Writers. Friday, June 14, 2019, at Loft 112.

  10. Presenter, Borderlines Writers Circle Calgary. March 21, 2019 How does it feel to be a Canadian immigrant writer and get your story heard in the current literary landscape?

  11. Presenter, Freedom to Read Week Special Event. February 28, 2019, Freedom of Expression and How to Negotiate Self-Censorship in Your Writing: negotiating self-censorship (and external censorship) in our writing lives. 

  12. Represented Alberta/Saskatchewan at the World International Toastmasters’ Competition, Vancouver, August 2017


  1. CBC The Calgary Eyeopener.  10 January 2022. “A Singaporean’s Love Affair” going to the moon.

  2. CBC May 10, 2022, The Calgary Eyeopener.

  3. Calgary Public Library April 27, 2022, Book Ideas: Discussing Letters to Singapore

  4. CKUA 25 May 2022 with Tony King.

  5. Writers Block 15 June 2022 with Jeanne Kwong.

  6. CBC Daybreak with Paul Karchut. 6 August 2022

  7. The Immigrant Show with Moji Taiwo. August 8, 2022.

  8. Youtube Interview with Marcus Udokang August 11, 2022.  

  1. Podcast with Gayathri Shukla for Landed: Transformative Stories of Canadian Immigrant Women. August 2022.

  2. Writers Guild of Alberta. Writers in Conversation. Farzana Doctor in conversation with Kelly Kaur. About Writing that First Novel.  31 August 2022.

  3. Living the Next Chapter with Dave Campbell Upcoming September 2022

  4. Janis Melillo - Stories that Inspire Us. The Author Series. Connecticut, U.S.A.

5 December 2022

  1. Jo Alchemy - for Authors Podcast - Manifestation & Mindset to supercharge your writing life. New Zealand. 9 December 2022.


  1. Letters to Singapore was on the Calgary Herald Bestsellers List for Fiction 5 times: 30 July 2022; 9 July 2022; 25 June 2022; 21 May 2022; and 14 May 2022,

  2. Letters to Singapore was on the Edmonton Bestsellers List Fiction 5 May 2022.

  3. Letters to Singapore was on the Alberta Bestsellers List 3 times: 8 May 2022, 19 June 2022.

  4. Letters to Singapore was on the Read Alberta Bestsellers List Fiction for June 2022, September 2022.

  5. Letters to Singapore was in the Write up in the Calgary Herald and in 75 newspapers in Canada.

  6. Review in Prairie Books Now.

  7. Review in Singapore Unbound

  8. Review in Asian Review of Books

  9. Sunday Shorts in Read Alberta

  10. The Festival of Literary Diversity

  1. Read Alberta 8 Books for the Armchair Traveller

  1. Ubud Writers and Readers Book Launch for Letters to Singapore

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